Remembering the Brown Box

Did you know what the hell is a Brown Box? Or do you have an idea what is a brown box? Is it like the black box inside the airplane? Or just a plain brown box where you put your stuffs in. If you’re born in the late 80s or 90s or even the 70s, I bet you haven’t heard about it nor you have a single idea that it’s a gaming console.
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Welcome to WordPress 3.4

Oh yeah! After being in hiatus for a few weeks (2 months to be precise because I haven’t updated my blog for the month of April and May! Haha), here comes WP 3.4! I just upgraded my WP blog to 3.4 a few seconds after it was released and made available via instant upgrade. After seeing the “Please Update Now” link inside my WordPress administration panel, I immediately upgraded my WP blog to version 3.4!

So what’s new with WP 3.4? You can read everything about 3.4 after updating your WordPress blog! But hey, you can read more about it here, if you decided not to update your WP yet.