The Awesome Twitter Widget Box

If you’ve noticed something new in this humble blog of mine, then it must be the Twitter widget box that I’ve added on the right sidebar of my blog. It’s a WordPress Plugin created by Vinoj Cardoza. It’s a simple, easy-to-set-up, and aweesome WP plugin for your, what else, WP blog! It’s easy to install, just search for “Twitter Tweets Box” in your install plugins page inside your wp-admin, then click “Install Now”, then activate it!
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My Hidden Skill Activated

Today is supposedly an ordinary day for a mummy like me but in the middle of my pyramid hopping, I suddenly felt an odd feeling. It’s not a feeling of an impending heart attack but the odd feeling of being followed. I’m a ninja and I don’t want to be followed. However, my anxiety level increased that I’ve already activated my hidden talent just like the psychics. Maybe this person is after my fortune but I don’t look rich because I’m dressed like any other mummies and I don’t even wear any jewelry. Maybe this person wants to extract information from the past or maybe wants me dead. That’s hilarious because I can’t be dead twice.
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