Everybody’s blogging about the Q10 and Z10

Blackberry Z10Just a few days ago, everybody is talking about the latest and most awaited BlackBerry OS10 devices, namely the Q10 and the Z10. The Z10 is a super-awesome full touch screen powered by BB OS10 and the Q10 is the damn ultra mega fantastic bold-successor OS10 device with the physical QWERTY keyboard. Continue reading “Everybody’s blogging about the Q10 and Z10”

The Year, New Hope, the Awesomeness of 2013!

Welcome 2013! I’m so happy that I’m still alive up to this day. I know, I know, I really don’t die, because I’m immortal. But what if my immortality was suddenly taken from me by my ancestors or the one who gave it to me? Then obviously, I’ll die in vain. I’ll die without a molecule, I’ll die without a track.

2012 is just another year for me. It’s like a blink of an eye and suddenly, 2012 is gone. Now, here comes 2013. I’m pretty sure that this will not just be another blink of an eye, and the year will be gone. I already made thousands of blinks in the past hour, but hey, it’s still 2013.

2013 will be a yaer of hope, a year of joy, a year of pure awesomeness! I made a goal for myself that I’ll be updating this blog everyday this year! Yes boys and girls and dogs and cats! Everyday! I swear! If I didn’t update this blog tomorrow, I’m gonna die, if I’m no longer immortal.

But, if I’m still immortal tomorrow then I didn’t update this blog tomorrow, then I will live. Because… I am Immortal. I’m a Mummy and a Ninja, and I can’t take my immortality away.

Happy New Year everyone!