What’s new and what’s old?

What’s new is that it’s not old, and what’s old is that it’s not new. If you’re looking for something new, then obviously, you’re not looking for something old, because you’re looking for something that is not old, because it’s new. This is a simple logic that a lot of people tend to not understand, and others are pretending not to understand it even if it’s pretty simple to comprehend. I really wonder why oh why people wants to complicate things in life even if it’s not that complicated at all.

If you’re that kind of person who wants to complicate your life, then other people will call you ca complicated human being. But, if you’re not that complicated at all, then you’re not complicated. That’s it. It’s easy to understand eh?

This is not nonsense and I’m not talking nonsense. If you think that this is nonsense, then you’re nonsense.

What do to next?

So after having a free blog and a free domain, what’s next? This is a question that a lot of bloggers have been asking. If you’re asking same question, then you’re part of a lot of bloggers who are asking the same question. Ok? Oh yeah. Yes I know you and you don’t me.

Before I start talking nonsense, let me first answer what I asked myself. What do to next?

Next thing to do is write and write and write, and visit other blogs. Leaving a comment to other blogs so that they will also visit mine. There’s about 22% chance that the blogger of the blog that you left a comment will visit your blog. So, if I visit 1000 blogs, then leave a comment to all those blogs (useful comments), approximately 220 bloggers will also visit my blog.

The statistics are based on my unreliable imagination and intuition. If you trust me instinct, you’ll have around 220 new visitors if you leave a useful comment to 1000 active blogs.

So how to look for active blogs? It’s easy. All you need to do is check its recent post. If the blogger posted a year ago, then he or she is not active anymore. If the blogger posted a month, a week, or a day ago, then that blogger is active. Once you’ve verified that the blogger is active, then you’re lucky! Read the blogger’s recent post, then leave a comment related to that post. In that way, the blogger will also visit your blog if he or she is curious who you are. There are only 22% curious bloggers, that’s why there’s 22% chance that your blog gets visited.

Ok? That’s my tip for the day of what to do next. Wait for the Mummy Ninja’s next post. You’ll learn a lot from me! I promise you that!