So what am I doing now?

Right now, I’m doing nothing. Yes, I’m actually doing nothing. But technically, I’m doing something! Guess what? I’m writing this blog post! That’s a fact! I’m really doing something! To be honest, I’m multitasking now. I’m writing this nonsense blog post or senseless blog post, while watching a James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig, entitled Quantum of Solace.

Not just that! I’m eating! Yep, I’m actually eating while typing this blog post. I use my right hand to type, then my left hand to pick some food in my plate using my fork.

I’m so stressed right now and I need to sleep. That’s all that I’m doing for today! I’ll update you again about what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

The Mummy Ninja is signing off… Woooosh!

Oh Great Oh Great!

Oh great! I forgot to write a blog post for July 9 and 10. I guess I’m not ready to be part of one-blog-post-a-day club. Crap. I really need time to post as often as other bloggers. How can I post if I don’t blog everyday? I blog hop but I don’t blog at all. I should be blogging what I need to blog right now. I’m still thinking of what to write. I have sooo many topics in mind, but I can’t put it into words.

I should be more organized. I should list down what I want to write and what I need to write. I should be like Sacha, who’s living an awesome life and who’s very diligent in writing a lot of useful and informative posts daily.

I need more guts, time, and inspiration to write more, more, and more!