Page Speed B and YSlow A

I think my website is loading fast enough. I really didn’t do anything to make this site load fast. I’m just using a very fast theme and I’m hosted in a very fast server! A fast page is great. Yep, it’s really great. It’s actually one of the indexing and ranking factors in Google. If your site loads fast, Google loves you. If your site loads fast, your visitors love you!

I tested my page load speed using and I’m somewhat satisfied with the results. My next target is double A, but I guess I need to optimize my images, or just use a text header instead of a very large image header that I’m using right now. In that way, my site will load much faster!
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I want this Visor! Now!

Futuristic as they may say, but this new innovation from Sony is really from the future! Hell yeah! I first seen this over at Tech Inspector and I wonder how magical this gadget can be. I can’t wait to get my head on this. I want, really want, to experience this right now.

If you don’t know what is that new device called, it’s called the HMZ-T1 from Sony! Oh yeah! Sony did something awesome again, that’s why I created a new category called awesome in this blog! The super hi-tech visor above can let you watch 3DTV in full glory! When I say full glory, I mean FULL glory.
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