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Be careful when loading a large amount in your Smart mobile. Your load is now only good for 24 hours. I thought it’s just me, but others encountered it as well. That’s why your load is gone all of a sudden, because it just expired after 24 hours.

I tried loading my Smart Prepaid today worth 300 pesos, and I noticed that the expiration is 12 midnight of March 24, 2018. That’s tomorrow! So maybe, I thought the 300 load is just for 24 hours. How about 500? So I reloaded another amount worth P500, and the load expiration is still the same, March 24, 2018.

If you’re planning to reload your Smart Prepaid SIM, just reload 15 pesos, or ask for a pasaload, so that you won’t waste any money if the load expires after 24 hours. Loading a huge amount is a big NO NO.

Below is the screenshot of account today, after I loaded a total of 800 pesos. Goodbye P800, as you’ll expire tomorrow.

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