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The Black Ninjas are my mortal enemy. I just has a dream of them last night. It seems like I traveled back through time when I met my mortal black ninja nemesis, Codejus Baru. Codejus attempted to kill me many 3,795,329 years ago. But he just failed again and again and again. But he’s dead because I killed him last 1951 in Tokyo, Japan, where we did our final battle. It was a long epic battle that happened invisibly for over 37 years. Nobody saw that we fought because we’re both invisible and invincible.

I really had a hard time defeating Codejus, but with strong determination, divine might and power from my ancestors, I was able to defeat him. Thanks for my 500 years of training and awesome skill set, I did what I did. Haha!

Just yesterday, he reincarnated in my dream. He wants revenge and he said in my dream that he’ll be alive again and kill me. He said that he’ll reincarnate in a form of a motorcycle. I wonder why he said it. But I searched about it online, and found this Kawasaki Black Ninja motorcycle. I think this is him. I’m just not sure if his spirit is already in this motorcycle or I just had an insane dream.
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Angry because of delayed paymentI wonder why TLA delayed the payments for the earnings I made last August 2012. I really really wonder why. The mummy ninja is so sad right now because I already received my payments from Chitika, Adsense, and Infolinks, only TLA delayed its payment. Is it just me? Or there’s anyone else out there who experienced this delay. I hope I’ll be receiving my payment tomorrow because I got a lot of bills to pay and I really rely on my TLA payout.

That’s all that I want to share for now. I’m just sad that it was delayed. I usually receive payment from TLA on the 1st day of each month, but now, it’s already almost the 4th day of September and I still haven’t heard from TLA.

Will update this post again if I receive my payment tomorrow. I hope this is just a slight delay.