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If you’re using the famous Events Manager plugin and you want to remove or add the default countries in the drop down menu without modifying the core file (em-functions.php) you can simply add a filter in your functions.php inside your WordPress theme file. Below is a very short code that I made and you can simply modify it without my permission.

function customcountries(){
$em_countries_custom['US'] = 'United States';
$em_countries_custom['PH'] = 'Philippines';
return $em_countries_new;

Just add the code above in your functions.php file, and it will work. This will replace your very long countries dropdown to just United States and Philippines.

I’m a PHP noob, so I don’t know if the unset variable is appropriate to use in this function or not. But it did the trick, so I’m using it. All I did is removed the default countries by using unset and just returned the custom countries that I added.

After adding the code, the Countries dropdown in your Submit Events form will look like this:

It works like magic! Try it out!

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Wow! It has been a long time since I last updated my blog (this phrase is often used if you haven’t updated your blog for a long time). I’m not suppose to use that phrase, because it’s over used already, but I can’t think of a better sentence to start this blog post that nobody even reads. Hahaha!

It’s already BER, because it’s September. It means that 2 months from now will be my birth month and 3 months from now will be the last month of December.


I didn’t post something useful and didn’t have time to write an awesome blog post in this blog. I just remember that I have a blog after stumbling upon this blog post about making your blog slash website, mobile friendly.

I just found out that making your blog mobile-friendly will most likely increase your search engine rankings and visitors, so I’m making this blog mobile friendly now. I just installed a mobile plugin, and poof! The work is done! My blog is now mobile friendly.

Just check out my blog using your smartphone and you’ll see!

PS: I used WordPress Mobile pack by James Pearce & friends if you’re wondering what plugin I used. Check it out here if you’re curious enough.