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Inspiration is the aftermath of blog hopping. I’ve been through a lot of blogs today and I noticed one thing, I was inspired. I was inspired a hundreds of awesome design blogs to turn this blog into a design blog. Now, this is not just a personal blog or a nonsense blog that no one reads. I’ll be blogging more about web design, logo design, icon design, and anything related to design.

So now, I’m adding a design category in my blog. Wooosh! This is great! The Mummy Ninja is now a design. I’m no longer a Mummy and a Ninja, I’m also a designer. So now, I may call myself “The Mummy Ninja Designer”. Hmmmm… Or perhaps, “The Designer Mummy Ninja”. Hmmm? I think the former sounds better than the latter.

That’s all for today. I’ll continue my blog hopping journey and make more friends in the world wide web!

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Right now, I’m doing nothing. Yes, I’m actually doing nothing. But technically, I’m doing something! Guess what? I’m writing this blog post! That’s a fact! I’m really doing something! To be honest, I’m multitasking now. I’m writing this nonsense blog post or senseless blog post, while watching a James Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig, entitled Quantum of Solace.

Not just that! I’m eating! Yep, I’m actually eating while typing this blog post. I use my right hand to type, then my left hand to pick some food in my plate using my fork.

I’m so stressed right now and I need to sleep. That’s all that I’m doing for today! I’ll update you again about what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

The Mummy Ninja is signing off… Woooosh!